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Duration: 7 days, 6 nights

Come along with us on this roadtrip on a self guided tour and get to know the major natural wonders of Portugal, driving through the country you’re discovering along the way the main cities (Lisbon and Porto) and then immerse yourself into nature and enjoy the waterfalls, magical trails, incredible lagoons and lost medieval villages. Get your Portugal road map and come along with us on this self drive tour around Portugal.

Before you start Meet with your local guide, at your accommodation (Lisbon and surroundings) and he is going to give you all the information you need and go with you to the rental office. You are going to leave Lisbon with a rental car, a cellphone with a portuguese number to call us in case you need and the route to take in the GPS.

Starting the adventure!

Day 1 (+)

It is a day to discover the capital of the “Empire”, you are going to discover Lisbon, we have the best spots for you to visit in a day tour in the city. You are discovering breathtaking views of the city, historical monuments, walk along old neighborhoods filled with traditions and funny people on it.
You are going to fell in love with the vibrant atmosphere, the safety and easy going way of the Portuguese.
Private Lisbon tour with guide also available upon request

Accommodation: Holiday on J (Aparthotel) or Lisboa Prata Boutique Hotel****

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Day 2 (+)

Pick up your road map of Portugal and let’s start our road trip. Leave Lisbon and head north in the direction of Porto. Start exploring the port wine cellars (with some tastings, of course), and then dive into the city starting by the riverfront neighborhood of Ribeira and a visit to Palacio da Bolsa.
Park your car and walk along this amazing city full of life and interesting spots to see, including Lello book shop (Connected with the Harry Potter saga) and Clérigos tower (the best view in town).


Accommodation: Hotel Intercontinental***** or Grande hotel do Porto***

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Day 3 (+)

Wake up in Porto and take advantage of the city a little bit longer, we suggest you to take a walk in downtown and visit Aliados Avenue and Liberty square, the S.Bento railway station and its magnificente tiles as well as the Sé Cathedral, walking distance from the railway station.
After leaving Porto and continuing your road trip, head towards Braga, another city filled with historical and interesting places to visit, we suggest you to visit the Bom Jesus Sanctuary, and be delighted with the wide view upon the city of Braga.
Continue your road trip and head to São Bento da Porta Aberta, a idyllic religious santuary already at Gerês Natural Park.
When you reach the Natural Park we suggest you the visit to Pedra Bela view point, Arado bridge and waterfall and then head back to your accomodation at Caldas do Gerês., in this incredible waterfall e advise you to climb it and then head down to the bottom of it to take a swim in the cristal waters.

Accommodation: Beleza da Serra***** or Grande hotel do Luso****

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Day 4 (+)

Wake up with an astonishing view to the Caniçada reservoir and after breakfast and check out, head towards Spain until you reach Portela do Homem. At this little village at the border we have one of the most magnificente trails in Gerês Natural Park (Trilho Mata da Albergaria – Portela do Homem – Geira Romana), Portela do Homem waterfall and 2 km walking on the secular Roman road. After the trail you can drive 8 km into Spain until you reach the hot thermal pool of Torneros.
Follow your journey along Albergaria protected landscape woods until you reach Campo do Gerês and visit Vilarinho das Furnas Dam and the ruins of the Village (Fluvial beach of Vilarinho das Furnas), where you can dive from the window a sunk house!!
Your accomodation is at Campo do Gerês village.

Accommodation: Casa do Carvalho or Casa Sulfato*** (Local housing)

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Day 5 (+)

Start your day at the Paradise with a horseback ride (Garranos, endemic iberian horse specie), we have a partner to host you in this activity along the park.
After this experience, pass through the dam and proceed your road trip until you reach the village of Germil, a typical mountain little village recessed into the cliffs and spreaded along the mountain in terraces, where the time stoped long time ago.
Next stop is the village of Soajo and Lindoso, where besides of all the interesting landscape and the narrow streets medieval style you have an enormous concentration of granaries, and a medieval Castle at Lindoso (13th Century).
Afterwards follow to Sistelo, the place where you are spending the night.

Accommodation: Casa do Ferreiro (Local housing)

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Day 6 (+)

Sistelo became kown as the little Tibete of Portugal because of the landscape and the way human influence marked their influence in the area, shaping the mountain in terraces for better suit their agricultural needs.
You can visit the Estrica viewpoint and then head to the village where we challenge you to do another nature trail of the passageway of Sistelo (PR25 – Passadiços do Sistelo), a easy beautiful trail along the river Vez where you can swim also, this trail takes around 1,5 hrs. Sistelo is a lost Paradise where the time stopped and where is nice to take your time and enjoy.
Afterwards we advise you the visit to two typical and historical villages, Ponte da Barca e Ponte de Lima, lose yourself around the historical center of both villages and be surprised in every corner. You can see romanic bridges (Ponte de Lima), beautiful nobility buildings, old walls, defense towers and much more. Their are definitely two villages that you are going to remember.
Starting your journey South towards Lisbon, we have reserved a surprise for you, named Buçaco wood.
The Buçaco wood it’s one of the best hidden secrets of Portugal. In terms of accomodation one of the choices that we have for you is a old Kings Palace built in 1888, located in the middle of the wood.
When you reach Luso/Buçaco is time to rest, you have a Thermal SPA in Luso if you are intersted, we can book it in advance.

Accommodation: Palace Hotel do Buçaco***** or Grande Hotel do Luso****

Overview (-)

Day 7 (+)

The final day of our self drive tour has arrived, today is a day dedicated to nature and relax, before returning to Lisbon.
Buçaco wood was created by Carmel monks in the 17th century (1628), the lush vegetation is everywhere. Buçaco is a place to trail and walk around the forest, we mainly advise you to visit the Valley of the Ferns, the cold fountain, the Coimbra doors, the Caifaz viewpoint, the Palace Hotel and gardens and much more.
We advise you also to visit the military museum to learn more about the history of the french invasions in Portugal, as well as the highest point of the mountain, the High Cross (Cruz Alta).
At Luso, the village next to Buçaco taste the wonderful water of São João Fountain and relax at the SPA next to it (Booked in advance).
After all the activities pick up your car and you still have a 2 hrs ride till Lisbon. This is the end of your self drive Portugal road trip and don’t forget when you arrive back in Lisbon we are waiting for you to host you.

Accommodation: Holiday on J (Aparthotel) or Lisboa Prata Boutique Hotel****

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– Full itinerary and costs available upon request

Created to provide you the best and most genuine experiences taking advantage of all the wonders that our amazing country has to offer.

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